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Mechanical-Assist High Density Mobile Storage System

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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know which racking system is right for my business?

Here are some important questions to ask about your shelving and racking needs:
  • How much office space do you currently have?
  • What are you storing?
  • How much are you currently storing?
  • How fast do you anticipate growing?
  • What level of security do you need?
  • Do you have any regulations or laws to consider such as HIPAA?
  • How readily available does your product need to be?
  • What kind of look do you want for your office?
Our team will be able to quickly asses your needs and provide you with the best office storage and shelving system for your business with answers to these questions.
What color options are available for my storage system?
All of the shelving and storage systems we carry are available in a variety of colors to match any decor. We also offer customized color matching if you need to match your existing office shelving unit with your new unit.

Will I be able to secure my products or files?
Yes. There are a variety of shelving cover and locking options, including HIPAA compliant products.

Will my office shelving unit come assembled?
Certain products come assembled and ready for placement; however, most products require some degree of assembly. We offer professional installation services and work closely with your architect, designer, building engineer or facility manager to ensure that your system is installed in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and meets any unique requirements (such as seismic, floor loading, etc.) for your building.

How much space will I save?
With our office shelving products you will experience considerable space savings over traditional shelving or storage options. Our high density shelving systems are the most space efficient product. Other products, such as rotary files and lateral mobile systems also provide considerable and adjustable space savings. If you are currently using drawers for storage, open shelving and library shelving can also save space. Percentages will vary depending on which system you choose.

Are there shelving options available for legal and letter sized folders?
Yes. All of our product offerings are available with either legal or letter sized office shelving.

How easy are mobile systems to move around?
Mobile (movable) storage systems are the most nimble of our shelving options. There are storage systems that can be moved manually, with mechanic assistance, or electronically. Each type of office shelving or racking system can easily be moved back and forth, no matter what the storage weight is.

Can I add to my shelving system?
Adding to most office shelving systems is easy. Our professionals will review your storage and shelving to determine the best solution to meet your unique needs.

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Mechanical-Assist High Density Mobile Storage System
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